Bio ; 0

【 material ; flowers 】Antwerp, Belgium (2020)

This is the documentary video that documented the Bio ; O performance. To integrate Bio-system’s procedure and concept to build an interactive performance with all the natural materials including soil, water, sun, shadow, and the human body. In this performance, the performer is a human being who will present the life cycle of the material from birth to death by using her physical body as the structure. 



Chapter 1, Human and Earth (Born)

Real action ; pick out the material on the nature

.Wake up in the soil


Chapter 2, Material 

Real action ; Making the material

. Dance with the material


Chapter 3, Material integrate water

Real action ; plays and creates with the material

.Combine water and material


Chapter 4, Rain

Real action ; put the material into water

.Rain, dissolved


Chapter 5,    (Dead / Rebirth)

Real action ; put it back to the nature 

.Disappearance, sleep and wake up

‭/ ‬Bio-system ‭/ ‬is a material system created by Xuanlin Wang. In this system, Bio-system, which is focused on the natural ecological system, is inspired by the personal daily waste of the human which is abandoned in our natural surroundings, and the natural elements in the context of the environment. In the material photos, the core ingredients, which include the leaf, tea leaves, flower, orange, grapefruit, fruit peel, coffee, and etc., will appear on the right side of the photograph. Water is a significant medium to connect this ecosystem to be a circular sustainable circle.


Performer; Xuanlin Wang

Material creator; Xuanlin Wang

Still Photographer; Benjamin Antwi

Video Photographer ; Grimm Van Gestel

Adviser ; 'Alex Mallems' 'Myriam Van Gucht' 'Sabina Kumeling' ' Michiel Van Cauwelaert' 'Snik Christina'

Special thanks; Wanlun Yu

World premiere; 10.09.2020, Hobokense Polder, Schroeilaan, 2660 Antwerpen

Supported by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

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