_To be a plant in four degrees of winter

“To be a plant in the four degrees of winter” is a photograph collection made by the artist Xuanlin Wang in 2021.


“Just like every human has a soul that cannot be clearly defined, every tree, leaf, and branch has some sort of soul within. In the human world, sometimes, we hew their life into the majority of worthless products, sometimes, we prune them in the way of beauty that we define. Each natural item grows in a different silhouette from the mother of earth, just like a person. So do I. For most of the time, I mentally become aware of my connection with nature rather than a human being. Sometimes, I wish I could be a plant and live in the four degrees of the winter “ - Xuanlin Wang.


Xuanlin Wang, is an artist, photographer, performer, and material creator. In this collection, she integrated her own body to communicate to nature with the body sculpture made by the leaves as the material in her Bio-System. The form of the sculpture was created by using the shape of her upper body as the mold. Her art is focused on creating a new collaborative visual language of different art forms as well as creating a new mode of thought within the environmental movement. Using the physical body as a representation of our direct connection to the natural environment and the materials found in nature as a medium for art. A symbiosis of the individual, the natural environment, and the self-need to express ourselves through artistic creations.

Special thanks __Tingann Lee

Location at Heide, Belgium.